Houston Texas Board Certified Juvenile Lawyer Jim Sullivan

James (Jim) Sullivan and Associates are experienced Houston criminal lawyers and Houston juvenile lawyers who have successfully defended people from many different ethnic backgrounds, faiths and countries in Texas criminal and juvenile courts. With 55 combined years of criminal defense experience, they have fought for the rights of their clients no matter their background or circumstances.

Every client deserves quality representation by an experienced attorney.  Such representation requires personal attention, dedication and commitment. Because Jim Sullivan understands that people need to honor work and family commitments, they offer evening and weekend appointments.

Jim Sullivan generally tries to answer his own phone so that you can speak to an attorney directly.  He wants to hear from you and to help you.  Call him right now.  Don’t go to court alone.  To schedule an appointment or to discuss your situation, call 281-546-6428 right now.


Jim Sullivan is Board Certified in Juvenile Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. 


Jim Sullivan is fluent in Spanish and English, having studied Spanish and Journalism at Baylor University.  He graduated with honors in 1990.  He then lived in Mexico City and traveled throughout Mexico prior to entering law school.  In 1993, he graduated from South Texas College of Law.


Houston criminal lawyer and Houston juvenile lawyer Jim Sullivan has personally represented more than 3,000 criminal and juvenile clients in Texas courts on cases ranging from minor misdemeanor juvenile offenses to adult sex offense and murder cases. There are many strategies to deal with criminal cases, from persuading a grand jury to dismiss felony charges, getting charges reduced or trying the case to a jury. Jim Sullivan has used all these strategies successfully.  He cares for his clients and is appreciative of those who were thoughtful and took the time to send him a note of gratitude.  Each individual’s case is different and no one can guarantee the outcome of any case.


Jim Sullivan and Associates offers a full range of affordable legal services in criminal defense and juvenile defense, ranging from representation in court on all juvenile and adult criminal cases, sealing or expunging records for qualified people and obtaining occupational driver’s licenses.  To schedule an appointment or to discuss your situation with an experienced Houston criminal attorney, Houston juvenile attorney or Houston family law attorney, call 281-546-6428.