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Compassionate and Understanding
I highly recommend James Sullivan as a juvenile defense attorney. My son was wrongfully arrested for retaliation of a peace officer and (aggravated) assault of a family member. Both of these charges are very serious felony charges. The juvenile system treated him as if he were already a convicted criminal, without hearing the full story. I read several reviews of many different juvenile attorneys and I firmly believed that James Sullivan was the best around. I called him and he spent over an hour on the phone with me. He listened to my heartbreaking story of an awesome young man that was about to have his life turned upside down for something that was beyond his control. We met in person the very next Saturday. He accommodated my schedule and planned to meet my entire family that evening. James Sullivan interviewed all of us and was very kind and patient. My son had been physically and mentally abused by his father for several years and acted in self defense against an intoxicated, grown man. Without getting into details of the nature of the abuse, Attorney Sullivan was able to get BOTH felony charges dismissed. He saved my son's life and now he has an awesome opportunity heading into adulthood!
September 6, 2019

Best Juvenile Lawyer in Houston
Last year I had to hire a lawyer to represent my child who got into trouble with the law. Not knowing any better I called C. Johnson, the first lawyer on the page. His ad said he was a juvenile law expert and the #1 juvenile attorney in Houston. I later learned that was a lie. He said he knew everyone and could get my son’s case dismissed. He charged a lot of money and I found out he was no expert in juvenile law. I talked to several lawyers in the juvenile system and they all said they rarely if ever see him in juvenile court and that he was not an expert and certainly not #1, that he was closer to worst than best. As they explained to me only a board certified lawyer can advertise as an expert. I asked if they could recommend such a lawyer and several recommended James Sullivan and said that he wins cases at trial.
I searched online for Attorney Sullivan and saw that he was a board certified juvenile lawyer. I called him and we spoke on the phone for almost an hour. He showed a genuine interest in helping my son and understanding the full story. I was happy that he was willing to take on my son’s case. He understood I was a single mom, and he offered to reduce his fee to almost half the amount of the first lawyer.
I was thrilled to find a good lawyer that was willing to work with me. Mr. Sullivan said he didn’t want to settle for a plea deal. He believed in my son who said he was innocent and that he would sooner take the case to a jury trial than to accept a plea deal. Fortunately it didn’t come to that. After several settings, Mr. Sullivan got his case dismissed!
Since then I now know that lawyers that brag, are arrogant, use scare tactics or charge huge fees are not as good as they say they are and may be much worse. Lawyers such as Mr. Sullivan that are humble, sincere, honest, and have a good heart are the ones you want to fight for your child. I wholeheartedly recommend James Sullivan as the attorney to represent your child.
July 29, 2019

Successful resolution of a difficult juvenile case
We would recommend James Sullivan to anybody in need for help from a criminal attorney. Our son was involved in a very unfortunate case of terroristic thread, second degree felony. The case was particularly difficult as it happened just a couple of weeks after the shooting in Parkland, Florida, being an extremely sensitive topic back then. We first hired a different attorney, but after a month we realized that we needed somebody with a better understanding of how to handle a difficult case like ours in the juvenile criminal system. From day one James shared a very clear vision of how to find a positive outcome to our son’s case. We followed his guidance and he was able to get a deferred probation followed by a dismissal after six months.
James has a lot of experience and knows how to handle difficult cases, no doubt. Beyond helping us with the juvenile case, James also provided very valuable advice to my son and helped us as parents to handle the situation. We cannot stress enough how much we appreciate the work James did for our family!
April 22, 2019

A truly excellent attorney who truly cares and is on a mission
I’m so fortunate to have hired James Sullivan who truly cares about you and your family. I spent almost a year knowing Mr. Sullivan and I have to say he was the most caring, thoughtful and supportive person during this entire ordeal.
My son made a terrible decision and committed a sex felony at 13 years old. Our first attorney, a CPS attorney, said he hadn’t received any correspondence from CPS or Harris County Juvenile Probation department. He told us more than likely the case was closed because it had been over a year. However, six months later, we were served with a petition that my son was charged with a serious sex felony. Lesson learned: Do not hire a CPS Attorney but hire a Juvenile Defense Attorney and save money and time.
Thus, I had three days to hire an attorney to defend my son. I next hired a criminal defense attorney recommended by my CPS lawyer. Our second attorney turned out to be the worst nightmare of my life. My wife and I did some research and we selected James Sullivan for his proven record. Mr. Sullivan is a humble, intelligent and compassionate man who is very responsive and understanding. God bless James Sullivan, I wish we had more people in this world like him.
James Sullivan arranged for our son to receive juvenile sex offender counseling with a private therapist. Mr. Sullivan said this would be important at the final disposition hearing, and he was right.
My son is a warm, kindhearted person who is friendly and demonstrates compassion. He is an A and B student who plays musical instruments and participates in school athletics. I wish schools and parents would be more proactive and have a sexual behavioral class to teach our kids right from wrong. Unfortunately, we have not progressed enough for that. I also wish cell phone companies would warn parents about the dangers of unfiltered access to the internet. As Mr. Sullivan explained, hard core pornography online has led unfathomable numbers of children worldwide to sexually abuse other children, with some children acting out as young as five.
I’m writing this review because I want families in a similar situation to make the right choice and learn from my lesson. James Sullivan is your CPS, criminal defense and juvenile defense attorney all rolled up in one, but he is much more than an attorney. He is a caring, thoughtful, compassionate person on a mission to help teens. Mr. Sullivan, thank you for every step of the way, your light shines brighter than the stars above. If only I could have recorded Mr. Sullivan’s passionate argument for pretrial diversion in front of the Judge and the prosecuting attorney. Wow! This guy has superior trial skills! We truly are blessed, and the judge granted Mr. Sullivan’s request and gave my son deferred prosecution. His case will be dismissed in less than a year, and he can get his record sealed at 17. Great job Mr. Sullivan and God bless you!
February 4, 2019

We cannot recommend James Sullivan highly enough. We were devastated when our 13 year old son was accused of sexually assaulting a young child. We didn’t know what to do or who to turn to. We googled juvenile attorneys and Mr. Sullivan’s name came up. We were very impressed with his credentials, especially that he was Board Certified in juvenile law. We called him on a Sunday, and he answered the phone. He had a very calming manner that immediately reassured us.
Mr. Sullivan met with us the next day, explained the process, and made a real connection with our son. Not only did Mr. Sullivan guide us through the legal situation, but he also directed us to find resources and counseling to help our son and our family. Mr. Sullivan’s advice was straight-on throughout our entire process and he led us to make the best decisions for our situation.
The counselor thought our son might have mild autism, and our son was subsequently diagnosed with it by a specialist. Mr. Sullivan is also very familiar with Autism Spectrum Disorder and his keen insight at our final hearing made a big difference.
Our son’s case began eight months ago. Mr. Sullivan said it landed in the worse juvenile court in Harris County, and he hoped the Democrats would win in November because the new judge would be fair and open minded. He told us he too had run for judge in 2010 and knew most of the Democratic candidates. Fortunately, they won.
On our recent and final court day, Mr. Sullivan was FABULOUS. When we went before the new judge, we did not have an agreement with the prosecution. The prosecution wanted our son to be placed in a lockdown juvenile facility and then be on probation until age 18. We wanted our son at home on probation.
During the hearing, Mr. Sullivan first acknowledged the horrible decision our son made and the resulting harm to the young child. He also skillfully corrected the prosecutor and made it clear the prosecutor did not know what he was talking about and was trying to minimize autism and its effect on children. Mr. Sullivan spent several minutes educating him and the judge on the difficult challenges faced by children on the spectrum. He spoke passionately from the heart, and even the judge was visibly moved. At his request, our son received one year of probation at home. Because of Mr. Sullivan, we are helping our son and rebuilding our family. We can’t thank him enough!!!!
-Thankful Parents in Harris County
January 29, 2019

Look no Further - This is the guy you need :)
I stumbled across James's reviews here on Avvo after my son was being charged with felony assault on a public servant for being one of many students throwing notebook paper the last day of school. I contacted James via phone and he was in court but was able to answer his phone and discuss my son's case. I immediately felt at ease. He was able to get my son out of the detention center within a half hour maximum after I hired him which was about 10 minutes into our phone call. During this horrible process he helped our family tremendously. When we went to court he was able to get the charges non-suited with just a few requirements that my son had to do. My son fulfilled the requirements and the case was closed non-suited- without us having to go to trial. Mr. Sullivan really takes the time to get to know his clients and goes the extra mile to get things done quickly( which is uncommon for criminal court). He knew my son was not guilty of assaulting a teacher with notebook paper and he did not stop until the case was non-suited. I would highly recommend him to anyone that finds themselves in need of a criminal attorney. He will go above and beyond for his clients.
December 28, 2018

The best attorney you will ever hire
Last year our teenage son got into serious trouble and we needed representation for him. We initially hired a different attorney but after seeing Jim Sullivan’s demeanor in court representing someone else, we switched to him immediately. Our son was being held in juvenile detention and was charged with terroristic threat and criminal mischief. Out of jealousy, he had texted threats to his then girlfriend when he learned she was with another guy. Our son is not a violent person and would not have harmed the girl, but words do have meaning and his impulsive act got him in trouble.
Jim Sullivan was able to get our son released back to us under strict rules of supervision. He had to stay at home and under our supervision when he was not in school. As it happened, this court order was a blessing in disguise because it helped clear him from more serious false charges.
A few weeks later our son was falsely accused of assault against a prior ex-girlfriend at a time when he was at home with us. At about the same time, another girl claimed our son had sent her threatening text messages at school. We later learned she had been misled by a boy at school. Despite our insistence to the officer that our son was innocent, he was re-arrested on new charges of assault and terroristic threat. Our son was devastated. We didn’t think we could get him out of detention again.
Jim Sullivan told us he had never heard of a child being released on PAT Team supervision for a second time after picking up new charges, but he would do his best. Jim did tell us about a previous case that he had quickly taken to a jury trial and won for a client after the same judge wouldn’t release his client from detention.
Our son was visibly distraught when he was brought before the judge. Jim told the judge he could prove our son’s innocence and that if the DA did not dismiss the new charges then he would be asking for the earliest possible jury trial. Jim asked the judge to release our son with an ankle monitor, and incredibly the judge did so. Jim’s earnestness, experience and reputation made the difference.
After Jim Sullivan read the offense report of the assault charge, he said it was clear our son was set up and that the girls all knew each other. The girl who was assaulted didn’t even report it. Instead, it was our son’s recent girlfriend who first had him arrested that did so. I mean, what are the odds? We believe the girl was assaulted by her then boyfriend and was pressured by him to blame our son instead. The girl’s story was so incredulous, the details so over the top that it belonged in a soap opera. Jim referred to these girls as the Pretty Little Liars after the Netflix show.
Jim Sullivan worked for nine months on our son’s cases. He hired investigators to interview witnesses and subpoena records. He combed through witness statements and phone records, identifying discrepancies in them. He arranged for our son to take a polygraph test which he passed. Jim came to court ready to fight for our son. He said if the prosecutor did not dismiss the two new charges that he was ready to fight them at a jury trial. In the end, the prosecutor backed down and agreed to dismiss them. Our son received probation at home for the first two cases. At age 18 our son can get all of his juvenile records sealed.
Jim Sullivan has an extensive list of contacts within the juvenile system that enabled him to get things done quickly and correctly. He gave us very good advice and made excellent decisions regarding the handling of our son’s cases. His knowledge of the law is impressive, and he has an established reputation within the Harris County juvenile system as an honest and capable attorney. Most importantly, Jim helped our son. He spent a lot of time with him, comforted him in very difficult times, and made us all feel optimistic in some rather distressing situations.
October 22, 2018

James Sullivan knows what he's doing!
Our pre-teen daughter was handcuffed, arrested, and had 'terroristic threat' charges leveled against her due to zero tolerance and 'mandatory procedure' policies at our child's elementary school after a childish comment was grumbled in frustration, was overheard and reported.
Understandably, our child (an exemplary student who has never had disciplinary issues) was terrified. James has a way with words (to put it lightly!), and after our first family sit-down with him, our daughter reported feeling a sense of great relief about how things would turn out. That trust was well founded.
James is very knowledgeable in the field, is very honest, and was always realistic about our options and prospects each step of the way. We really appreciated how he took the time to walk us through and explain each step of the process as needed!
In the end, shortly after our first and only court appearance, James was able get her case dismissed, to our great relief. As he explained to us, James shamed the prosecutor for filing the outrageous charges against a young girl and told him he would set the case for a jury trial if the prosecutor did not dismiss the case.
Now, because of the work Mr. Sullivan did for our family, things are back to normal again. Instead of facing a suspension, my daughter can stay at her home school.
I cannot stress enough how much we appreciate the work James did for our family!
August 14, 2018

James Sullivan was an answer to my prayer
Attorney James Sullivan was an answer to my prayer. About 15 years ago my teenage daughter got into trouble for shoplifting. After asking God to help me find a good lawyer to represent my daughter, I found James Sullivan in the yellow pages. After I talked to him, I felt comfortable that he was the one to represent my daughter. His fee was reasonable and was able to get a pretrial diversion for my daughter. Her charge was dismissed after 6 months of probation.
Four years later my daughter was arrested again while she was biking from the University of Houston to her nearby apartment. The police just busted a gang stealing bicycles in the same area and some of the gang members ran away. As my daughter rode by, they thought my daughter part of the gang and stopped her to arrest her. They searched her purse and found a spoon. They claimed that her spoon tested positive for drugs and took my daughter to jail. Attorney James Sullivan represented my daughter again. He got the case dismissed after requesting the state to test the spoon for drugs. He also filed an expungement for my daughter. I’m very pleased with James Sullivan’s work.
Recently my 11 year old granddaughter was charged with terroristic threat for using careless words, “I will murder you and your family” in a moment of frustration when she was harassed by two classmates during class. This happened just a few days before the end of the school year. Our main goal was to get the charge dismissed during the summer time before school started so my granddaughter would not be suspended from school. I discussed my granddaughter’s case with 4 attorneys but only attorney James Sullivan had the confidence that he could get her case dismissed and also before school starts back. And, Attorney Sullivan did it. We only had to go to court one time, and Sullivan got the case dismissed a few days later, one month before school starts
From my experience with attorney James Sullivan over the last 15 years, I can say that he is a talented lawyer with integrity and kindness. He took time to meet with us and explain the court process to us so we knew what to expect. I thank God for attorney James Sullivan who cares for his clients and has the experience to effectively defend his clients’ rights.
July 20, 2018

My Experience with Mr. Sullivan
In July 2017, my then 16 year old stepson was accused of a sex crime involving a young half-sister in a different county [Fort Bend]. CPS got involved and then law enforcement. Our son denied the allegations. CPS closed their file in August with no finding, but in February we received word that we had to appear in court the next week. We were shocked and unprepared.
After searching online, we decided to hire James Sullivan as our son’s attorney. Sullivan is board certified in juvenile law and has defended more than 100 juveniles and adults charged with sex crimes. He understands the complexities of these cases. We met with him on Friday of that week which left him only one business day to prepare.
My wife spoke with Mr. Sullivan over the phone and described our son’s family history. My wife divorced her first husband, the biological father, less than a year after our son was born. The biological father himself was sexually abused by his own father as a child. During custody visits, he was not allowed to leave our son in his father’s care unsupervised, but he did so anyway. Our son has no memory of being abused by his paternal grandfather, but he may have been.
When we met with Mr. Sullivan, he explained the urgency in making a decision as our son was already 17. If we fought the case at trial and won the nightmare would be over, but if we lost the consequences would be a disaster for our son’s future. At a minimum, the DA’s office would seek a determinate sentence which would lead to a public record of an adult probation or even prison sentence that could never be sealed.
Mr. Sullivan would do whatever our son wanted, but he said he could probably persuade the DA to let our son have probation until age 18 and our son would have to finish the sex offender treatment program.
After our son described what happened when he visited his half-sister and her outcry the next morning, Mr. Sullivan said the specific details, the immediate outcry and his family history made the allegations seem credible. He asked our son if he would be willing to take a polygraph test. As fortune would have it, he was able to schedule a polygraph that same afternoon.
Unfortunately, our son failed the polygraph and then came clean about what he did. We met back with Mr. Sullivan and our son said he wanted to try and get probation. We only had to go to court twice. Mr. Sullivan worked out a great deal with the DA. Our son will be on probation for less than 9 months and will have to finish the treatment program. If he does so, he will not have to register as a sex offender and will be able to get his record sealed.
Mr. Sullivan took a genuine, vested interest in our son as a person and a young man facing an incredible ordeal. We couldn’t have asked for any better representation nor do I think we would have gotten it. This wasn’t about a win in court, this was about making sure that the rest of my son’s life would not be defined by one terrible moment.
Mr. Sullivan is everything one needs a lawyer to be. His expertise is time and money well invested. If you or your family need representation, I highly recommend that you put your faith in Mr. Sullivan as my wife, son, and I did.
March 31, 2018

He was an answer to our prayers!
I want to express my sincere appreciation to Mr. Sullivan, for the care, consideration and respect he showed my family and son, he is truly an answer to our prayers. A few months ago, our 14 yr old son who is kind, funny, caring and who had never been in any trouble EVER, made a poor decision that resulted in him being arrested at school and sent to ALC for 30 days awaiting a court date. Our son heard of some other boys at his school going into the girls bathroom on a dare to see if they could get in and out without getting caught. Due to immaturity and curiosity our son decided he’d try it and was caught by a female student. He had his cell phone out and was accused of trying to film a girl in a stall, a serious invasion of her privacy. Our sons cell phone was taken away, searched and no recordings were found, however the officer scared our son into saying he was trying to film her. The parents of the girl pressed felony Invasive Recording charges against our son.
This was a very scary and stressful time for our family, we felt like we were in a nightmare, we were frantic to help our son. Mr. Sullivan has a great reputation working with juveniles, so we met with him. He spent over 2 hours talking to us, getting to know us and our son, asking the why’s, when’s, and how’s of my son’s actions that day. I appreciated the personal stories he had to offer and love the fact that he is a strong Christian man.
I remember his advice to our son about having a strong “moral compass”, how every decision in life is a choice and that a moral compass would guide him to make the right decisions. Mr. Sullivan explained the wisdom of learning from mistakes and staying on the right path in life, and that the wrong path can easily become a “slippery slope” of one bad decision after another leading to painful consequences and a difficult life.
Mr. Sullivan is kind, understanding and non-judgmental and gave our son some powerful words. He calmed our fears by telling us we needed to take care of our son and ourselves and he’d be working hard to get us through this with the best possible outcome. My husband and I tried hard not to worry, but our son’s future was at stake. Mr. Sullivan made us feel confident and gave us wonderful words of wisdom to help us through.
Fast forward to our court date, our son had the real possibility of being convicted of a felony, which would have hurt our son’s life. Mr. Sullivan felt strongly that our son wasn’t a bad or deviant kid but a teenage boy who is immature, didn’t think his decision through and acted impulsively.
Being in the juvenile courthouse and standing with our son in front of the judge was a very overwhelming experience and which I don’t ever want to do again. Mr. Sullivan’s argument to the judge was strong, precise and valid and resulted in an outcome that was better than we could have hoped. Our son received a pretrial diversion, an alternative to prosecution, where our son remains under our supervision with some restrictions and after 6 months results in the felony being dismissed and the opportunity to get his record sealed. Mr. Sullivan then had a very heartfelt conversation with our son explaining the importance of taking the pretrial diversion seriously and successfully completing it and also the dire consequences should he not do so.
As a parent of two great sons, I NEVER imagined that we would ever be dealing with anything like this. I want to thank Mr. Sullivan for not only defending our son in such a professional and kind manner but also how he put himself in our shoes by looking at our situation as if he were the teen in trouble and also the anxious parent! I truly believe this could have gone very bad, but thanks to this brilliant man our son has his future back!
With the deepest respect and appreciation, DT
February 26, 2018

The Best Lawyer In The World
Mr. Jim Sullivan is a great lawyer. There are many reasons to say he is good at what he does. Mr. Sullivan not only helps you get the best result in your case but he also cares for you and your future. He will help you with your case and even so when the case is done he will still be there to help you get on the right path.
In my experience it was a juvenile case with a felony charge. Me and my mother were very worried and didn't know what to expect. My younger brother is a 15 year old and was charged with evading by motor vehicle. Some friends took him for a ride and then asked him to drive. He ended up in a high speed chase from the cops and crashed a car that he didn’t know was stolen. My brother had a court-appointed lawyer, had been to 2 detention hearings and was not released to us. Therefore we decided to look for a lawyer and that's when we came across Mr. Sullivan. We were very nervous, didn't know if we had made the right choice, but once we spoke to Mr. Sullivan we knew God had put him in our path. His goal was not only to get my brother out but to help him with his future. We felt like he was with us all the way. He visited my brother at the detention center before his court date. He showed us he was determined and took his job seriously. We are so grateful to him. My brother is now home doing much better.
In less than two weeks Mr. Sullivan got my brother a court date, got him released and most importantly got him a 6 month deferred probation so he can later get his record sealed. Mr. Sullivan really is the best. No other lawyer could have done better in our situation. He led us to the best case scenario we could have hoped for and again I am so grateful for his success and our decision to hire him. We highly recommend Mr. Jim Sullivan, not only does he do juvenile but he also does adult criminal cases. We have told our whole family about him. He is the best choice to call in a tough situation and his fees are very reasonable and affordable. I thank him so much. Mr. Sullivan won’t be forgotten.
December 21, 2017

Thank You
Congratulations on a job well done. I believe I was extremely fortunate to meet and then hire you to represent my son in this serious matter. We want to thank you for caring and to put all that time and effort in his case. He could have been away from family until he turned 19. Instead with your knowledge and expertise he got 6 months deferred prosecution at home and will then be able to get his record sealed. Thanks, 
August 3, 2017

Thank you Jim Sullivan for representing our Son on a Deadly Conduct charge!
May 2017 our son was arrested on our property and charged with deadly conduct after a group of kids tried to jump him after school. My husband immediately started searching for the Best Juvenile Defense Lawyers in Harris County. Well, we found the BEST when we hired Jim Sullivan. I called late in the evening after leaving the Juvenile Detention center and thought I would get an answering service but instead Jim answered the phone! He was very knowledgeable about Juvenile Law and took time to explain and also comfort me as we have never been in this situation before. After talking with Jim for an hour, we arranged to meet with him at his office. We knew from that very moment that he was God sent! He has a great story behind him as well! He genuinely care about his clients and their futures. With Jims hard work and dedication, Needless to say that Deadly Conduct charge didn't stick! The case was dismissed! We are forever grateful for Mr. Sullivan! We can't thank you enough for giving us our life back! We HIGHLY RECOMMEND JIM SULLIVAN
July 26, 2017

Phenomenal Lawyer.. Thank you so much!
My son was with his friends at another one of their friend's home when the friend that lived there pulled his dad's guns out and they were taking pictures with them. Well, my son and the other friend left the house with the gun and my son was charged with Theft of a firearm (Felony). On top of that he was on a deferred in another county [Fort Bend] during the time he caught this case. He also finished a deferred the year before for aggravated assault charge. My son is only 15 and made these stupid decisions. At first we had a public defender and he was doing nothing to help us. They were talking about locking my son up. I searched online and found Mr. Sullivan and so glad I did. First visit he spent like 2 hours talking to my son. My son felt comfortable with him immediately. He also gave my son a book to read which helped him a lot "The 6 most important decisions you'll ever make". When it was time for court, Mr. Sullivan told them he felt my son should be home with me and it should be a deferred so that it would not affect his future. He spoke with the prosecutor and stood his ground. Guess what, my baby got his deferred. I just started crying. That is very rare for that to happen. He is also working on the other case and I am confident he will come through. This man truly cares about kids. If you are looking for a lawyer, do not hesitate to contact him.
June 7, 2017

Grateful Parents
When our 15 year old child was faced with a serious felony offense, possession of child pornography, we did not know where to turn. Through research on Houston attorneys specializing in Juvenile Justice, we located Jim Sullivan. Based on his credentials and outstanding reviews, we contacted him regarding the situation. From the beginning, even before charges were filed, Sullivan provided excellent counsel. Even though it took a year for the police to conduct their investigation, he was continually available to answer questions and offer guidance. During this time he also listened to and advised our child not only regarding his situation, but on actions to take to help turn his life around. While not minimizing the severity of the situation, Sullivan nevertheless provided hope.
Throughout the court sessions, Sullivan always had our child’s best interest at heart. Given there was no question regarding guilt, he was very frank about potential outcomes and offered strategies to minimize repercussions. Even though the State would not drop the case, Sullivan was able to persuade the Court to take into consideration our child’s sincere remorse, professional counseling, probationary reports, school achievements, and community involvement. Through his representation, our child received deferred prosecution, and following the sealing of his records, an opportunity for a normal life.
Grateful Parents Houston, Texas
April 19, 2017

I contacted Jim Sullivan about a Burglary of a Building case my son received in February 207. I was so upset and didn't see no way out of this and just new my son future was over. During our initial conversation I told him what the case consisted of and he asked me about my child and told me what he can do for us in court. When we went to his office and he talked to my son for about 2 hours. During that 2 hour visit he not only spoke to him regarding the case he spent most of the 2 hours informing him that yes you made a mistake, but this don't have to end of your life, but the beginning of the rest of your new life. He gave my son a book called "The Six Most Important Decisions You'll Ever Make" to read to help him in his new path. My son and I actually read the book together and it's very good. We arrived for court Wednesday, 04/05/17 and my son received a " 6 month Deferred Adjudication" so October 6, 2017 this nightmare is completely over on a case that was a Felony 2 and carried up to 2 years state jail time. This was on our FIRST court appearance and we never had to approach the Judge as he mentioned to me in our initial conversation. The others that were involved in this same case had their court dates reset to May. April 5/2017 not only changed my son like it changed mine. I can't tell you enough how Jim Sullivan is so highly recommended by me.
April 6, 2017

Quick and favorable resolution..
After some strong arming by the fire marshall's office for my son's felony arson case, I was so nervous and looked up Jim Sullivan. I hired him based on his results, and I could not be happier that I did! He got my son's case on the next docket, after an attempt at delay from the DA. My son was home within 24 hours after his unnecessary arrest and trumped up charges. Mr. Sullivan got to work, and on my son's next court date he was given a deferred option that will take this off his record with 6 months of supervised good behavior! Thank you Mr. Sullivan!!
As if that was not enough, Mr. Sullivan sat down with my son and gave him some very good advice about where he should head with his future. My son is now excited to learn more about the areas he mentioned, and I appreciate Mr. Sullivan going beyond his lawyer job description and being a mentor!
March 8, 2017

Honest and Hard Working
Jim Sullivan is an honest hard working attorney that I would trust with anything. We had a very delicate family matter concerning two of our children regarding sexual abuse allegations. Jim listened to the allegations and was diligent in understanding the point of view of the accused, and that we just wanted to get them both the correct help. Jim spent a lot of time that first evening with our 11 year old son first to understand his side of the story about what happened with his older sister and then to just talk about how important it is to be on the right path in life, to have a good moral compass and to work hard to become a man of honor. Jim went above and beyond reinforcing the values that we have worked hard to instill in him.
Our son was charged with continuous sexual abuse of a child, a serious felony. As we went through the legal process we discovered a lot of details and evidence that showed there were many fabricated details by our daughter. Our daughter herself had been abused at a young age by an older cousin, and Jim explained that our daughter was probably grooming and acting out on her younger brother and that he was the actual victim. Our daughter’s therapist even suggested that she might have a mental health condition that would explain the extreme length that she went through to fabricate stories against him.
Jim was well prepared and confident he could persuade the prosecutor to dismiss the charges. He scheduled a meeting with us and the prosecutor a few days after the first court setting to go over the new evidence. As he predicted, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the case and would not seek charges against our daughter. Jim was very supportive during this trying time, and he even declined to take the remaining payment that we had agreed upon because he wanted us to use the money to help pay for the therapy for both our children. We appreciate all Jim has done for us and our family. Our road is still challenging, but Jim Sullivan made this first step in the process a lot smoother!!!
August 2, 2016

Thank you Mr. Sullivan for fighting for my son and winning his felony case at trial
In late May of 2016 my 15 year old son was arrested and taken to the juvenile detention center for a felony crime he did not commit, Deadly Conduct. After being falsely accused and wrongfully admitted to the Harris County Juvenile Detention Center, I met with and hired Mr. Sullivan. He walked us through the process and helped my family and son better understand what needed to be done. The day of the detention hearing in court, we had all the proof and evidence to help get my son out of detention. The judge of the court was completely unjust. After refusing to consider the video evidence that proved my innocent or to even hear from my family members who were willing to supervise my son at all times if released, the judge quickly ruled to keep my innocent son detained. Mr. Sullivan was furious at the system that caused my son to be arrested and held for a crime he did not commit while at the same time the adult who actually committed the crime was only charged with a misdemeanor and spent just a few days in jail. Mr. Sullivan immediately requested a trial by jury. We were able to get a trial setting in the next 3 weeks, which was amazing considering the fact that most cases take 3-6 months or longer to get to a trial. Mr. Sullivan explained that court-appointed attorneys such as the one first appointed to my son's case never take cases to a jury trial, but instead only have bench trials where the judges make the final decision. If the court-appointed attorney had stayed on the case, my son would still be in detention and I believe he would probably have been found guilty by the judge. Instead, thanks to Mr. Sullivan my son was found innocent by a unanimous vote from the jury. Mr. Sullivan stopped at nothing to help our son and prove him innocent. My son walked out of detention 7 weeks later with no record. Mr. Sullivan's knowledge of the criminal and juvenile justice systems helped in so many ways. Mr. Sullivan was not pushy, arrogant, or air-headed like most attorneys. Instead, he kept a down-to-earth low-profile, encouraged my son as if he were his own and won our case successfully and peacefully. Thank you so much Mr. Sullivan for helping my family and my son!
July 25, 2016

Juvenile son faced with a felony
Jim Sullivan recently represented my 14 year old son – he had been charged with indecency with a child; a felony sex crime. The state doesn't take these cases lightly and was seeking to have my son on felony probation for 2 to 3 years. He could have been ordered to register as a sex offender and could not have got his records sealed until age 19. Instead, Jim suggested that my son go ahead and complete the juvenile sex offender treatment program first and then he would work to persuade the DA to dismiss the case entirely. After a year of counseling, my son successfully completed the program, yet the DA still wanted my son to be on 2 full years of probation. Our family had already been through enough and couldn't imagine enduring anything else. However, Jim ultimately was able to persuade the DA to dismiss it. Of all of the outcomes that it could have resulted in, obviously a dismissal is what I had prayed for but honestly didn't expect. I was shocked and grateful. Our family can finally begin the healing process and move on. Thank you Jim!
June 18, 2016

Excellent Above and Beyond Juvenile Representation
Hiring James Sullivan was the best decision we could have made in a very bad situation. Our 16 year old son was charged as a juvenile with aggravated sexual assault of a child and because of the age difference between him and the victim, the prosecutor was intent on a determinate sentence which would have labeled our son as a sex offender and felon for life. Our son may have had to register as a sex offender until age 28 and could never get his record sealed. Mr. Sullivan worked diligently to work out an informal agreement between our son and the county prosecutor that would allow our son to complete a sex offender therapy program and demonstrate rehabilitation. As we live in a different county (Brazoria) from the one where the incident occurred (Montgomery), this was a very unusual situation. Mr. Sullivan even found a very qualified therapist in our area as we could not use the county's providers due to the distance.
However, part of the informal agreement was that our son submit to polygraph tests. Although he had admitted to everything there was to admit in disclosing his sexual history, he could not pass a polygraph. This would have negated the agreement and once again our son would be facing a determinate sentence. Mr. Sullivan asked if our son had ever been treated for a mental health disorder. When he was younger, our son had been treated for an anxiety disorder. Based on his intuition and observation, Mr. Sullivan suggested that our son exhibited characteristics of Asperger's Syndrome, a type of high-functioning autism, and that could explain his inability to pass a polygraph. We were a little skeptical at first, but had him tested, and our son was indeed diagnosed with Asperger's, a part of the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Despite proof of the diagnosis, the county prosecutor continued to insist on moving forward to negate the agreement and have my son receive a determinate sentence. Over a two month period, Mr. Sullivan pressured the county prosecutor to back off and allow my son to finish the informal agreement. Mr. Sullivan even had a reputable civil rights attorney waiting by to file a discrimination suit based on my son's disability. Finally, the county prosecutor relented and agreed to an indeterminate sentence probation and to transfer it to our own county. Our son will not have to undergo any more polygraph testing, will have the opportunity to complete his program and eventually to have his records sealed.
Throughout the process, Mr. Sullivan was thorough, compassionate and respectful. He was a rock for our family in a very turbulent time and we could not have asked for a better outcome.
June 7, 2016

Wonderful honest lawyer
I met Lawyer Sullivan at a time when I needed a lawyer for my teenage son. He helped us through a tough time in our lives for that we are most grateful. He work hard and diligently to get my son probation. At the end of his probationary term his charges would be cleared from his record. During the process Lawyer Sullivan was always honest and extremely nice to us. I truly appreciated his patient and most of all his genuine concern for my son's future. I can say that he's indeed one of the most humble lawyers I've every met. Thank you for all your help! I recommend Lawyer Sullivan to anyone who needs legal help. Keep of the awesome work. I pray for abundance of success to you sir and your family.
March 24, 2016

Jim Sullivan, An Astonishing Lawyer that will change your life for the better.
I would like to make a comment regarding Jim Sullivan. He recently represented my granddaughter in a drug case that would've been an obstacle for her future, and possibly in the way of getting into college. First we arranged a meeting at his office. He had spoken to my granddaughter, explaining that her mistake could cost her, her future. Letting her know that college is a main priority in having a successful life. He also explained to my granddaughter and I the process of going into the courtroom, and what he shall request for them to seal the case. Everything went well as planned. He is a Man of his Word. Genuinely honest, and truly cares about an individual's future. I definitely recommend him. His prices are very reasonable. I loved how everything fit in place with him being my granddaughter’s lawyer. He is the Lawyer that will change your life for the better. Such an amazing Lawyer. Thank you for everything.
February 28, 2016
Job well done
Mr. James Sullivan, I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for your assistance in our child’s case. Having never been in this situation before, I found myself doing a significant amount of research into finding an attorney. As it turned out, you were the most experienced attorney not only with this type of case, but also for this age group. You immediately set my mind at ease with your willingness to communicate, even agreeing to meet on the weekend before any payments had been made. Fees were made clear up front and no additional charges were added during the process.
One of the first things that made an impression on us upon meeting you was that you had a genuine interest in helping our child, not only through this situation, but to succeed in the future. You were able to communicate a sense of urgency to us while remaining calm and sympathetic. We truly appreciate your ability to focus your extensive experience on ensuring our child’s future education and career. One bad choice could have easily led to the destruction of that future if not handled correctly. Thank you for having the vision and ability to safeguard that future for us.
In general, I would like to recommend you to anyone having a difficult time making their decision on whom to engage as a representative in the juvenile court system. I find you to be of the highest moral character, and to be an ethical and straight forward professional. In short, you were able to ensure for us the best possible outcome to an extremely serious situation for a very reasonable price. It is difficult for me to express how deeply we all appreciate what you were able to do for our family.
Sincerely, Anon
February 19, 2016

Best Juvenile Attorney in Houston!!!!
I wanted to say Thank you so much for what you did for our son and our family. Our son was being charged with a felony and this could have wrecked his entire life. He was doing a favor for someone he considered a friend, and for that was not thinking straight. Mr. Sullivan met with us, spoke to our son for almost 2 hours getting to know him, listening to the whole story and really caring about our son’s future. He really does understand these kids and understands how a mistake should not cost them their future. Mr. Sullivan took our case and ran with it full speed. After sitting all day in court and watching all the other lawyers and cases, we felt very confident and relaxed knowing we were in good hands. When our son’s case came up Mr. Sullivan approached the judge with the prosecutor, told his story and explained the circumstances around this mistake he made. The judge immediately ruled in our favor and our son never even had to go before the judge. For this we will be forever grateful that Mr. Sullivan believed in our son’s future, knowing he is a good kid and deserved another chance. Hands down we are confident to say Mr. Sullivan is the Best Juvenile Attorney in Houston!!
February 18, 2016

Thank you so much!
I'm posting this review as a heartfelt thank you for your help and support handling my son's case. We are truly grateful for meeting you at a time when we needed a lawyer. You helped us through a process that we have never faced before. The way you explained things in a simple way for us to understand what needed to be done concerning the case is genuinely appreciated. Your kindness and generosity towards us warms my heart. May GOD bless you and your family richly, and your business prospers to new levels of successful heights. Happy holidays!
December 24, 2015

Excellent Attorney
My wife and I hired Jim to represent our 16 year old son after he was arrested for aggravated assault. We had no experience with the legal system but after talking with Jim we felt very confident and made the decision to hire him. His knowledge of the juvenile legal system impressed us from the beginning. Once he gathered the information he needed from us, he took care of everything else. Jim was quick to respond to our many questions and concerns via phone calls, text messages and emails. He believed this was a trial or dismissal case because he knew the wrong person had been arrested. This was exactly how we perceived it as well. Jim prepared himself and us for trial however after three resets, over a fourteen month period, Jim was able to convince the DA to do the right thing and dismiss the case. We will forever be grateful to Jim Sullivan for what he did for our family during this very trying time.
September 6, 2015

Superb Attorney!
I did not know where to turn when my teenage granddaughter was falsely accused of a felony offense. I began carefully searching for a reputable attorney and that is when I found Jim Sullivan. After reading former client reviews on Avvo, I called him. I found after talking with Jim on the phone and meeting him in person that without a doubt he was indeed the attorney that my granddaughter needed to represent her. I hired him to defend her. Along with good representation, he encouraged my granddaughter as though she were his very own child.
We are very pleased with the outcome as Jim fought hard, set the case for a jury trial and was able to get it dismissed a few days before trial. When I gave my granddaughter the good news, through her tears, you could literally feel her sense of relief, knowing that her life was back on the right track. Today she continues to make good grades and works hard at making the right choices. I would highly recommend Jim Sullivan no matter what the circumstances are … because with Jim Sullivan, there IS a light at the end of the tunnel.
June 17, 2015

Jim Sullivan, a caring attorney
I was pleased to find attorney Jim Sullivan to represent my 16yr old nephew who was charged with a felony of aggravated assault in Brazoria County. Although the charges were serious, my nephew acted in self-defense. The other teen, two years older, is a known drug dealer, has a reputation for carrying weapons and had threatened to kill my nephew. During the mutual fist fight, the other teen fell and hurt his head. My nephew was devastated because he was not trying to hurt the other teen but only to defend himself. The other teen was taken to the hospital where he underwent surgery and had weeks of recovery. He did fully recover and did not change his lifestyle at all. Through a court-appointed attorney, the prosecutor only offered either several years of determinate probation or to certify him as an adult where he could face 2 to 20 years in prison and have an adult criminal record. Either of those options was outrageous, unfair, and unjust. I then sought out an attorney who would fight for my nephew. After contacting Mr. Sullivan, I was pleased that he was able to meet with us immediately even after business hours. He took his time talking with us and spent at least two hours while not rushing our interview. Mr. Sullivan seems to genuinely care about people and especially teens. He always showed care and concern for my nephew. At the meeting, Mr. Sullivan agreed to take the case to a jury trial to get the best result. He was confident he could get the right result from the jury. In court, he told the prosecutor that if she did not dismiss the case or at least agree to a misdemeanor probation in which my nephew could later get his record sealed, then he would set the case for a trial and try it to a jury. And, finally, that is what the prosecutor finally agreed to. Mr. Sullivan was able to get my nephew a misdemeanor probation for less than one year without any jail time and was even able to get his probation transferred to Harris County. Although the outcome was not perfect it was much more desirable, something my nephew could live with and be able to continue on in life and still have a good future. I thank you Mr. Sullivan for working to help my nephew through this difficult time.
June 9, 2015

If your child ever needs a juvenile defense attorney, we highly recommend attorney James Sullivan.
My 16 year old daughter was arrested in December for smoking pot on school property. Two weeks later she was arrested again for shoplifting. We did not know any juvenile attorneys and did not know anyone who could refer one to us. My internet search found attorney James Sullivan. He is board certified in juvenile law and I found a lot of good reviews about him. He answered the telephone when I called and gave me a very fair flat rate to handle both matters. Mr. Sullivan worked out a fantastic deal with prosecutors where our daughter follows the rules of probation for only 6 months, we were assessed very minimal fees, and she has to attend a decision-making class. At the end of the 6 months, if she does not get into any more trouble, both cases will be dismissed and she can then ask the court to seal her record. Our daughter was scared enough by the process that she has completely turned over a new leaf, but her future is still intact, not marred by a juvenile history. We could not be more pleased with the outcome achieved by Mr. Sullivan. We hope your child never needs a juvenile defense attorney, but if he or she does, we highly recommend attorney James Sullivan. --Hopeful Cypress Mom
April 17, 2015

Mr. Sullivan saved my child from being charged with a felony sex crime.
Mr. James Sullivan is a great attorney and a real person. He met with my family right away and spoke with us over dinner and got to know my child. Right away he tackled my child's case before the charges were even picked up from the state of Texas. My child was not charged with a felony but received deferred adjudication on a misdemeanor. I truly believe it was his persistence and devotion that helped our case so much. One thing I cannot forget is how he always answered my phone calls and questions and during that hard time, these simple things meant everything to me and my family. Had he not fought for us my eleven year old would have been charged with a Felony juvenile sex crime because he was at school and goofing off in class in front of other classmates. The best thing I did was call him the moment I found out that charges might be picked up by the state.
December 2, 2014

Attorney Jim Sullivan is honest, knowledgeable and friendly
I really appreciate Jim Sullivan's advice when my son was false accused by another student at school. Jim knows what to do and made a plan for us immediately. He is honest, knowledgeable and friendly. Thankfully, the accusation was withdrawn by the other student's parents. I highly recommend Jim Sullivan to any parent who needs a juvenile defense lawyer to represent their child.
November 11, 2014

Awesome Lawyer and Person
Mr. Sullivan handled a case for my son. It is rare to find someone who cares. If you find yourself or a loved one in trouble with the justice system, give him a call. Jim gives 100% to his clients. He won't let you down! On a scale of 1 - 10, he rates a 10!!!
August 29, 2014

Best Lawyer
Jim is an amazing lawyer he defended my 16 yr son in 2012 who was charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly weapon. He was very knowledgeable, caring, and trustworthy. His Christian background and the way that he would talk to my son and make him feel comfortable was amazing, He was able to get all charges dropped due to self defense. My son was able to go on with his life graduate high school and now attending college. I will recommend Jim I carry his card with me at all times. Thanks JIM
~Tawnya, Tomball TX
August 22, 2014


Attorney Jim Sullivan worked to get our teenager's juvenile case dismissed before the first court date.
A family member was arrested and taken to Harris County Juvenile Detention which was devastating to us especially since we did not know where to turn and felt the arrest was a mistake. Upon contacting an attorney friend for guidance, we were recommended to get in touch with Attorney Jim Sullivan. Jim was easy to reach and an appointment was set up quickly. At the appointment, Jim utilized his years of experience from both his practice as well as from his personal experiences as a youth to ask pertinent, and at times challenging, questions of our teenager. His knowledge of juvenile law was apparent and he laid out likely options and a suggested course of action. We left the initial consultation better informed and comfortable that our teenager was getting strong representation. With Jim's guidance and assistance in dealing with the legal system regarding juveniles, our teenager's case was dismissed. Jim's work on our behalf was fit for purpose, led to a good outcome and has helped our overall personal dynamics with our teenager. I would not hesitate in recommending Jim Sullivan.
~August 22, 2014

Mr. Sullivan saved my little brother from having a juvenile sex conviction in Galveston County! I cannot thank him enough.
My little brother was charged with a juvenile sex crime in Galveston County in February 2014 because he allegedly touched this girl indecently on a school bus in November 2013. When we found out this was going to court, we panicked as any parent can imagine. We talked with friends to recommend a good lawyer because this was the first time we’ve had any problems with the law and did not know any lawyers. To our misfortune, we ended up hiring and then firing the first two lawyers because it was clear that they did not know what they were doing. We should have known especially when they charged very little, like they say you get what you pay for. I spoke with my brother and he told me he had spoken with a judge but what the lawyer said was not to worry because the cops had better things to deal with, basically he was finished with the case according to him. I am no expert, but I do know that once you speak with a judge you need to have a good lawyer by your side. The second lawyer even said that at the next setting the judge will decide if my brother would have to stay in jail for 10 days while the judge decides what to do with the case. Any person would freak out--especially a 14 year old boy--with this kind of news.
That is when I decided to do my own research and I found Mr. Sullivan. After learning that he was board certified in juvenile law with an excellent reputation and a long history of winning cases at trial, I decided to hire him to defend my little brother. Mr. Sullivan agreed to meet with my family on a Saturday afternoon so that my father could attend. During the initial consultation, he listened patiently, asked many detailed questions and even reenacted the scene with my brother to see if it was even possible what he was accused of, something that the previous lawyers did not take the time to do and probably did not even know how to do. I knew that Mr. Sullivan was a trial lawyer and it was obvious that he genuinely cared about my brother. When we left his office, he never guaranteed he could help my brother to not have a charge on his record, but he did say he would try to get it lowered from a felony to a misdemeanor. He also said that if the district attorney did not agree to do that then he believed that he could win the case at a jury trial. I appreciated that he didn't give us false hope like the other lawyers who I also later learned had both been disciplined by the State Bar of Texas.
After two months of working on the case, Mr. Sullivan was able to work out a deal with the district attorney so that my brother can get his case dismissed! A HUGE weight had been lifted off our shoulders. You never expect this type of thing to happen to a family, but my family and I are grateful to have met Mr. Sullivan and are very thankful for all he has done for my brother. I highly recommend him to any family that wants their child to get the best representation in juvenile court.
June 8, 2014

Mr. Sullivan Got My Son's Felony Sex Case Dismissed Before His First Court Setting! Simply Amazing!
I am truly blessed to have found Attorney James Sullivan. In March of 2014 our world was turned upside down and our experience with the juvenile justice system in Montgomery County would be one that would change our lives forever. Our 13 year old son was accused of Indecency with a Child by his 5 yr old niece, a case we were certain he was innocent of. Sullivan answered my phone call when I initially called and talked with me on the phone calming my nerves, ensuring me that everything would be okay. After meeting with Sullivan later that day, we were assured we were in good hands. Sullivan is professional, proficient, and an expert in juvenile law. Sullivan treated our son like the good person we know he is and not as a sex offender that the juvenile justice system had “already” labeled him. Sullivan responded to our e-mails and phone calls in a timely fashion, even calling us after business hours to answer questions we had to ease our anxiety. Sullivan took the time to review the evidence in our son’s case seeking out the true facts and found many weaknesses in state’s case.
Sullivan was able to persuade the prosecutor to dismiss the case before our very first court setting! Our son did not even have to meet with the juvenile probation department. The fact that our son never had to be fingerprinted nor have his mug shot taken was a blessing to us as we did not want him to experience a situation like that for a crime he did not commit.
Sullivan is very educated in the area of juvenile defense and sought justice for our son to have his name cleared of an erroneous crime. Sullivan cares for his clients and seeking just and fair representation for each person he represents. He is committed to seeing that children receive the support and counsel they need to ensure they have a voice speaking on their behalf during difficult times. I can never thank Sullivan for all that he has done for our son and family. Sullivan even educated us on things we could do to protect our son from being accused of a crime of this nature in the future. I would recommend Sullivan to anyone who is going through an ordeal in juvenile court so you can have peace of mind knowing that you and your family are being taken care of by someone who is committed to seeking justice on your behalf. Sullivan is a true blessing to everyone he comes in contact with and we are forever grateful for everything he has done for our family.
~T.R & M.R - Porter, Texas
May 30, 2014

Mr. Sullivan Goes Above and Beyond For His Clients
I would like to add the following to the client reviews: Jim Sullivan is truly a man who goes above and beyond for his clients, the majority of which are children. These kids can’t properly speak for themselves in a court of law, but Jim can and does. This man’s dedication to these children is phenomenal! He is committed to giving these kids a chance to start fresh. Our son was almost 13 years old when we called on Jim in mid-2008, and he had been charged with a serious felony offense (aggravated sexual assault of a child). It was a Sunday when we made the call. Jim answered the phone and urged us to come in that evening. He sat with us for three and a half hours listening to and coming to understand our story. He was our second attorney. The first had misrepresented himself as a juvenile defense attorney and was unable to get our son released from juvenile detention. It was terrifying to have to start over in the middle of chaos, but Jim calmed the air so quickly and helped us move forward. Jim took our son’s case that Sunday evening and changed our boy’s life. Jim got our son back in our custody immediately. He connected with our son and gained his trust, something the previous attorney had no time to do. Jim always remembered he was our son’s attorney, not ours, and he treated our son with respect even though he had managed to land himself in a situation undeserving of it. Jim spent time preparing our son for what was happening now and what could be expected in the future. He was always prompt in returning phone calls; that is if I had to leave a message at all. I was usually able to reach him right away even in the evening when I did not expect to. Jim knew that we had just paid our previous attorney in full and that we were financially in a bind. He didn’t make us feel unimportant while we gathered the funds he would need to defend our son. He always treated us as if we had paid in full the minute we walked through his door. This man is not about money! I truly believe that he does all that he can to provide his services at a minimal cost. Jim also knew that our son was from a home of divorce and that he would have to do double time on correspondence between father and mother. He did so with the utmost patience and respect to both sides. Jim kept the peace when it wasn’t his responsibility. Remember, Jim is the child’s attorney and not the parents. However, he took the time to help us come together on some very important issues. Just know that my son was grateful at the peace that was created. My son is now moving on with his life in the custody of his parents and not the state of Texas, because a man named Jim Sullivan believes he has a duty to children and he wakes up to the call of that duty every day and meets it with the utmost integrity. 
~Tammie P., Houston, Texas
February 2, 2014

Mr. Sullivan cares and gives personal attention to his clients. He is simply the best.
I never thought I would have to face working with an attorney for anything, but after searching through the vast number of attorneys, I chose Mr. Jim Sullivan. Reading the homepage of his website I started to feel like I would be in good hands given the information he provides about his history of the successful outcome of cases he has handled. He has represented my son both as a juvenile and an adult. At the age of 16, my son was charged with burglary of a habitation. Mr. Sullivan was determined to prove my son’s innocence and after a few court visits and his expert knowledge, he was able to have the charge dismissed, showing that there was no credible evidence linking my son to the felony. At the age of 18, on New Year’s Eve 2013, my son was arrested for DWI. Again we called on Mr. Sullivan and without hesitation he immediately went to work. Coincidentally, this occurred between the administrations of outgoing DA Pat Lykos and incoming DA Mike Anderson. As a result, the DWI Pretrial Intervention program was no longer available, leaving us with little hope for any kind of leniency. However, Mr. Sullivan assured us that a similar program would be available in the foreseeable future. As a result, Mr. Sullivan encouraged us to stay the course even though it meant many more resets in order to get that result. When the new program started, Mr. Sullivan learned that any prior arrests, even as a juvenile, disqualified a person from the program. Needless to say, I was worried that my son’s previous false charge might come back to haunt him. Initially, the prosecutor turned my son down, however Mr. Sullivan was able to persuade him to keep an open mind, especially as he said, a false charge ought not exempt my son from the program. First, Mr. Sullivan obtained the dismissal order from the juvenile district clerk, but it did not state the reason for the dismissal, so Mr. Sullivan went even further and persuaded the chief prosecutor to get their old file on my son’s burglary charge from storage to verify that my son was not involved in the burglary. Finally, after 7½ months of court visits, he was able to get my son qualified for the new intervention program. This was great news for us. As I write this today, my son is doing well on the program. He has completed 4 months of the one year program. If he successfully completes it, then the DA will dismiss the charges and in two more years my son can get his record expunged. I am most grateful to Mr. Sullivan as he has been so easy to work with, stayed in contact with us, is honest and worked with us tirelessly through the entire process. There are good people everywhere, Mr. Sullivan is one of them and I’m glad we had the privilege of working with him. He also has some interesting stories to share and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to hear one. I’ve said it before, but I can’t say it enough, thank you Mr. Sullivan and we are so appreciative of your kindness and hard work! 
~DR/DF, Spring, TX
January 12, 2014

Highly recommended
Jim Sullivan provided excellent legal representation to my teenage son exactly as I hoped and expected he would. But Jim also did much more than what I expected of him as an attorney. Jim took a large amount of his own, uncompensated time to share with my son his own life experiences. This was an invaluable lesson - authentic, dramatic and insightful. I think my son benefited from it greatly. Above and beyond his skills as a lawyer, Jim is a caring and decent person. I recommend him wholeheartedly!
~Father of a client
December 23, 2013

Texas Juvenile Trial Warrior
In May 2013, we learned that our 16 year old son had been accused by his nephew of sexually assaulting him. We were frantic. The charges were outrageous and totally false. We first hired a local attorney who claimed he knew what he was doing. We were soon dissatisfied with his services, so we hired Attorney James Sullivan. Unlike the first attorney, Sullivan is board certified and an expert in juvenile law. Sullivan came out to our home and spent several hours getting to know us, our son and the details of the case. Our son is a gifted musician, has Asperger’s Syndrome, is kind and follows rules. There is no way our son would abuse his cousin or anyone else. We believed that the cousin’s father, a registered sex offender, may have abused him and forced him to make the accusation. The police did no meaningful investigation whatsoever. James Sullivan, however, investigated the alleged crime scene, the background of the accuser’s parents, interviewed the investigating officer and our son’s counselor. Within one week of being hired, Sullivan said he was ready to take the case to a jury trial but was confident that he could force the prosecutor to dismiss the case. We only had to go to court once. Sullivan told the prosecutor that if he did not dismiss the charges then he would ask the court for a speedy trial. The prosecutor asked for a one month reset date to review the case. Within three weeks, Sullivan called us with the news that the prosecutor had dismissed the charges. We were ecstatic and grateful. James Sullivan is a good lawyer and he really cares for his clients. He saved our son’s life and future. I highly recommend him. 
~Grateful Parents in Montgomery County
November 27, 2013

Superb Lawyer
Last year, August 2013, our family entered into the hardest trial and hardship of our lives to date when our teenage son was accused of fondling his younger sister and later arrested for indecency with a child. Our world was shaken, turned upside down and inside out. During a time like this, you feel vulnerable and helpless. We searched high and low for a good attorney. We found Mr. Jim Sullivan. Words could never express the gratitude we have for Mr. Sullivan. He helped us through a gut-wrenching ordeal. Dealing with a legal process that you are completely oblivious about is a scary situation. Seeing your son in orange and handcuffs, is indescribable. The peace of mind that Mr. Sullivan brought to us was immeasurable. He was there whenever we needed him. He got us the results we hoped for and was completely understanding and discreet about our situation. We cannot recommend him enough or sing his praises enough to ever repay him for what he did for our son and for us. If you need help, talk to him and let him lead and guide you through, what is surely, a most difficult and trying time. I promise, you will not be disappointed. 
~A Mormon mother in Harris County
November 6, 2013

Juveniles Need Legal Counsel!
You never know--until it happens--that something once thought of as “kids experimenting” or “playing doctor” between siblings can actually be a 1st degree felony (Aggravated Sexual Assault). Not that I would ever knowingly condone such behavior; however, that’s the way it happened with our family. It’s amazing to me that children can be guilty of such serious offenses when they (we) don’t even know these laws apply to such seemingly innocent or misguided behavior. In actuality, it’s totally out of the parents hands once CPS or Juvenile Services are involved. This is why you MUST obtain legal counsel immediately to protect your children’s rights. I wasn’t even sure we even needed an attorney until I called Mr. Sullivan and he informed me just how serious the situation was. He was very compassionate, direct, and even came to our home for the first consultation. I can only speak for our experience, but my grandson was able to surrender voluntarily; was walked through the detention process, and didn’t have to spend even one night in juvenile detention. Additionally, Mr. Sullivan was able to get the first hearing set within 3 weeks and, to our amazement, was able to negotiate a 1st degree felony down to a class B misdemeanor. Even the Judge commented on what a good deal he got. Fortunately, my grandson is getting the counseling he needs instead of incarceration and a sex offense on his record. We are very grateful for our outcome and I highly recommend Mr. Sullivan.
~R.D., Houston, TX
September 9, 2013

Great Juvenile Lawyer
When I needed a lawyer to defend my teenage son who was charged with a felony sex offense, it was a stroke of luck that Jim Sullivan answered his phone when I called. My husband and I were frantic, worried and confused, but Jim answered our questions and we were especially reassured to know that not only did he have many years of experience with similar cases but that he was also Board Certified in Juvenile Law. Like many families who understandably go through a harrowing ordeal when their teenagers face serious criminal charges, Jim's dedicated and competent representation gave us a good comfort level and eased our fears. He always treated us courteously and professionally. Because Jim is intelligent, open-minded and competitive, he has proved to be a great lawyer who represented my son to the best of his ability and negotiated a deal with the prosecutor to reduce the felony charge to a misdemeanor assault--an extraordinary result for my son. In two years, my son can get his juvenile record expunged and then apply for admission to a top university.
Jim Sullivan is a genuinely good man who really cares about the case result and how it will affect his clients' future life, so he aims to secure decisions in their best interests and for that we are truly grateful.
~Concerned Mom in Fort Bend County
January 6, 2013

An Attorney That Cares
I recently called Jim Sullivan when our young adult son had been arrested, in hopes of consulting with an attorney who would give us sound legal opinion from a Catholic Christian perspective. Mr. Sullivan spent time with me and explained the legalities of our son's situation, even looking up court documents and contact information on our son's court appointed lawyer.
It became clear, in speaking to Mr. Sullivan that practicing law is not just his career, it is his vocation. In particular, I understood that Jim Sullivan is driven to help troubled adolescents avoid entanglements with the legal system that can eventually have enduring consequences.
I believe Mr. Sullivan to be a conscientious, principled and trustworthy attorney.
- A concerned Cypress Mom
December 19, 2012

Why I Recommend You Choose Jim Sullivan to be Your Attorney ~ An ordinary Mother and Citizen
I recently realized I was going to be charged with a crime and set out to find a reputable attorney.
I had searched the internet and read his background, history and experience and decided to call Mr. Sullivan to see if he would be the one I would want to represent me. I was pleasantly surprised that yes, he does answer his own phone :) The time and care he took to listen even before hiring him was amazing. He is not just a lawyer out to make money even though this is his professional career. He is well worth hiring and worth every bit of what he charges. I found him to be reputable , ready and capable to move forward with my case. It is not every day that you have to put yourself into somebody else’s hands and let them seek justice or defend you. I am a mother, grandmother just your average, everyday person. I know using the internet and choosing someone to represent you is a huge decision. There are many lawyers out there and I am happy to have found one that truly has a heart and is credible and known in the court. It is also important that he has trial experience. He was able to help me even before it got that far, but was prepared to move forward if necessary. This is a plus because as you may or may not know, not all attorneys also have trial experience which is important to consider when being charged with a crime.
This is how I came to know Mr. Jim Sullivan. I urge you if you’re in need of an attorney. He is definitely the one you want fighting for you. I highly recommend him.
October 1, 2012

Thank you Mr. Sullivan for representing our son, your knowledge of juvenile law and understanding of teenagers is unquestionable
Jim Sullivan helped our son and family through a very difficult time. On a Friday evening in February 2012, our son was handcuffed and taken from our home for detainment at the Juvenile facility (Fort Bend County) on a class 3 Felony charge of stalking. We were informed that we would not be able to see him until visiting hours Monday. Our lives had been turned upside down and our son’s support system (his family) had been ripped out from under him.
My husband, who is lawyer, immediately began researching Houston area juvenile attorneys. Based on Jim’s profile and qualifications, my husband called him late Friday evening. Jim answered the phone and arranged to meet us at the Juvenile Detention Facility early Saturday afternoon.
Jim connected with our son immediately. It was apparent he cared about him as a whole person, not just the kid who suddenly found himself in trouble. He was more than just a lawyer to my son. He shared his own experiences and his positive attitude about life and relationships. Jim is not only a good lawyer but a good role model for our children.
The Felony charge did not stick and we are thankful for Jim’s help and counsel.
~Anonymous from Fort Bend County
June 8, 2012